A Comprehensive Guide On How To Make Money With Stock Photography Websites

29 Aug , 2017 Articles

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Make Money With Stock Photography Websites

If you have a knack for photography, then you’re in an advantageous position to make money with stock photo sites. With technology moving at breakneck speeds, commercial photography is rapidly losing its grip on the photography market. More and more corporates and individuals now prefer to buy stock photos because they save up time that would have gone into hiring a commercial photographer to work on the same project.

Stock photography is a little bit the opposite of commercial photography. Usually, a photographer takes generic pictures in any niche and uploads them to stock photo websites or photography websites. The stock photo sites then sell the right to use the photos on their behalf. For each sale, the stock photo website takes a commission out of the price. So how can you make money with stock photo sites? Below is a step by step guide:

  1. Snap high-resolution free stock photos

The first step to making money with stock photo sites is snapping high-end photos. High-end photos stem from high-end digital cameras. So make a point to buy or rent out one. Next, choose a profitable niche. Unlike other businesses, big money is in generic niches such as lifestyle, health, business, and education.  Focus on those niches.

  1. Apply for an account on the popular stock photography websites

Your success at selling stock photos online will depend on the platform you choose. Create an account on popular stock photo sites such as iStockphoto.com, GettyImages.com, Shutterstock.com, and Dreamstime.com.

  1. Read through the submission and editing guidelines, including policies and standards of photography websites

Before submitting any photo to free stock photos sites, take time to understand their contributor guidelines, as well as their policies and standards to alleviate the possibility of your photos getting rejected. Different sites have different file format and minimum file size requirements. Know what the site you’ve signed up on requires.

  1. Submit some of your best photos to photography websites for evaluation

Stock photo sites have stringent photo evaluation standards. Each photo is manually reviewed before listing on their site. After the review process and subsequent approval. You will be allowed to start uploading photos to the platform.

  1. The photography websites will start selling the photos for you.

The upside to stock photo sites is that once you’ve uploaded your photos, they do the heavy lifting for you. You only wait for your money to check into your account. The sites do take a commission (at least 50%) of your sale, which is well worth it since they do the bulk of work for you.

The golden rule of thumb is to continue taking more photos and uploading them to the site to build out a huge gallery of images. Also, sign up to multiple stock photo sites to increase your presence. Doing all this will increase your opportunities to sell and earn decent income.

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