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Selling your nice photos online may seem to be intimidating to many, particular to those who don’t know where to start from. Does this prevent you from selling free stock photos online? No! There are a lot of companies that make it easy for you to sell your photos. This article will help you to know the best places to sell your stock photos online easily.

(1) SmugMug Pro Photography favorite site

SmugMug pro is the number one choice for all photographers who want to sell their images or photos for commercial purpose. SmugMug pro company lets you keep 85% of each photo sale.  With this high rate of percentage, it’s a favorite site for most freelancers.  To join SmugMug Pro, you need to sign in and upload your photos and you are good to go.

(2) Istock photos

Istock photo is a leading platform for selling photos that has been in photo selling business since 2001. Istock photos pay based on how popular your stock photos are ranked and at the same time, pays high based on your status. In the initial steps, you will get 15% for each photo sale. However, when you reach exclusive status, you begin earning 45% for every photo that sale on the site. To join Istock photos, you first of all have to apply to the site. If you get approved, you go through a short quiz after which you will be asked to upload some samples of your photos for evaluation before being accepted on the platform.

(3) Alamy 

Adobe Alamy offers free stock photos uploads a 50% royalty on each photo sold out. The site has more than 60 million videos and photos on their site for sale. Alamy makes it easier for photographers to sell their photos by giving them the full control of their work. At Alamy your work is protected from copyright issues such as the use of your photos without your notice. You get paid instantly once your photos are sold. Give Alamy a try to find out whether it works for you.


 Adobe Fotolia commonly referred to as Fotolia is a site where photographers can sell their photos quickly. Fotolia has been in operation for over 11 years. Fotolia is intergrated into Adobe Software packages such as Photoshop and In design. The integration makes photographers who upload their photos on Fotolia site to also see them on other popular photo sites. Fotolia has over 6 million buyers and houses over 55 million images. They offer a royalty of between 25- 50% and you get paid monthly through PayPal, Check or Western Union.

The above sites are among the sites that can give a boost to your photography business. The sites are popular so that when you get an opportunity to upload your photos, the chances of making a sale are high.

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