5 Tips On Choosing Stock Photos For Your Business Website

29 Aug , 2017 Articles

5 Tips On Choosing Stock Photos For Your Business Website

When potential customers visit any website, the first thing that captures their attention is color and imagery. These two aspects will determine whether visitors slide into your content or click away. A harmonious synchronization of imagery, color, and content organization almost always outsmart a business website that is averagely designed and looks unorganized. With that in mind, the following tips should be followed religiously if you want to select the best photos for your business website:

  1. Quality trumps any other aspect when choosing images for commercial use

As stated above, imagery and color are the first elements on a website that grab the attention of site visitors. A low-quality image can kill your business in a matter of days because it negatively impacts the customer experience. Only choose top-notch images for your business website and ensure that they are delivered in small file sizes. Making an image larger than its standard size impacts its quality.

  1. Go with images or free stock photos that align with your brand

It would defeat the purpose of choosing a high definition photo that does not reflect your brand. If your business is about computers, then high-resolution photos in the computer niche should dominate your website. Choosing photos in the animal category to display in a computer-focused website will make your business website look awkward.

  1. Choose originality over generic when searching out images for commercial use

The modern-day shoppers are savvy enough. They will instantly differentiate an original photo from a stock photo. That doesn’t mean that stock photos should be avoided. If you’re going with stock photos for your website, choose one that has all the characteristics of originality. Specifically, go for premium stock photos instead of free stock photos.  Otherwise, it would be ideal to hire a professional photographer to take original pictures that identify with your business. Generic pictures of customer service professional smiling may not cut it for your business website in today’s competitive market.

  1. Create a high impact by cropping your images for commercial use

Even a high-quality photo can still be manipulated to get a great image by a technique known as cropping. Some images tend to have wasted spaces on the edges. Alleviating those empty spaces helps to focus the customer where you need them most.

  1. Don’t overwhelm your business website with free stock photos

While images are great to enhance the appeal of your website and pass across your message clearly and fast, too many images can be overwhelming for the customers. Customers don’t like to be overwhelmed when they visit any site. It always ends up in a bad experience for the customer. It’s prudent to choose a good balance of imagery and text.

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